Parts List for Control System.ldr (38 parts)
Part Description
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228-2530 228-2530 VEX Controller -Vgr7-
228-2530c02 228-2530c02 VEX Controller with 2.4GHz Radio Module-Vgr7-
228-2530c01 228-2530c01 VEX Controller with 900MHz Radio Module-Vgr7-
406-3388-902 406-3388-902 VEX Hexbug Brain -Vgr7-
vexhconout vexhconout VEX Hexbug Electric Plug for Motor/LED -Vgr7-
vexhconin vexhconin VEX Hexbug Electric Plug for Sensor -Vgr7-
406-3388-915p02 406-3388-915p02 VEX Hexbug LED Lamp Lit Green -Vgr7-
406-3388-915p01 406-3388-915p01 VEX Hexbug LED Lamp Lit Red -Vgr7-
406-3388-915 406-3388-915 VEX Hexbug LED Lamp -Vgr7-
406-3388-901 406-3388-901 VEX Hexbug Motor -Vgr7-
406-3388-911 406-3388-911 VEX Hexbug Sensor Bump -Vgr7-
406-3388-912 406-3388-912 VEX Hexbug Sensor Distance -Vgr7-
228-3015 228-3015 VEX Radio Module 2.4 GHz -Vgr7-
228-2621 228-2621 VEX Radio Module 900 MHz -Vgr7-
228-3530 228-3530 VEX Radio Module Smart Radio -Vgr7-
vexrj vexrj VEX RJ Style Plug with Left Offset Tab -Vgr7-
228-2604 228-2604 VEX Robot Battery Pack -Vgr7-
228-2540 228-2540 VEX Robot Brain -Vgr7-
228-2540c03 228-2540c03 VEX Robot Brain with Battery and 2.4GHz Radio Module -Vgr7-
228-2540c02 228-2540c02 VEX Robot Brain with Battery and 900MHz Radio Module -Vgr7-
228-2540c01 228-2540c01 VEX Robot Brain with Battery Pack -Vgr7-
228-2677c01 228-2677c01 VEX Sensor Bumper Switch Body -Vgr7-
228-2677a 228-2677a VEX Sensor Bumper Switch Top -Vgr7-
228-2677 228-2677 VEX Sensor Bumper Switch -Vgr7-
228-3012 228-3012 VEX Sensor Color -Vgr7-
228-3011 228-3011 VEX Sensor Distance -Vgr7-
228-3014 228-3014 VEX Sensor Gyro -Vgr7-
228-3010 228-3010 VEX Sensor Touch-LED -Vgr7-
228-2780-200 228-2780-200 VEX Smart Cable 20 cm -Vgr7-
228-2780-300 228-2780-300 VEX Smart Cable 30 cm -Vgr7-
228-2780-400 228-2780-400 VEX Smart Cable 40 cm -Vgr7-
228-2780-600 228-2780-600 VEX Smart Cable 60 cm -Vgr7-
228-2780-end 228-2780-end VEX Smart Cable End with Cable Stub -Vgr7-
228-2560b 228-2560b VEX Smart Motor Axle Hub -Vgr7-
228-2560c01 228-2560c01 VEX Smart Motor Body Assembly -Vgr7-
228-2500-160 228-2500-160 VEX Smart Motor Support Cap Dual Motor -Vgr7-
228-2500-159 228-2500-159 VEX Smart Motor Support Cap Single Motor -Vgr7-
228-2560 228-2560 VEX Smart Motor -Vgr7-